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BitBuddy Game Online – Play Free

Have you ever wanted to have a devoted friend who will never leave you? BitBuddy Game is here for you! In this game you will get the friend that you could never dream of. BitBuddy gives each player a unique creature that is supposed to become their companion. However, it is not that simple and you will have to figure out what is wrong with your new friend.

Play game BitBuddy on your pc and experience all sorts of activities with your companion. Choose the full version of the game to have a look at all interesting features that this curious game can offer.

Entertain your BitBuddy

The gameplay in BitBuddy is pretty simple and doesn’t require any special skills for you. Although, you should be able to think logically and invent new ways to enjoy your free time in the company of an adorable monster. Click on the screen to spawn different fruits or bagels if the creature wants a snack. But don’t go overboard, or your buddy can become sad and even die!

There are no games rules that will tell you what to do in BitBuddy, so you will have to think about the possible opportunities yourself. But don’t worry, your friend is going to help you go further and diversify the activities. It can even change the interface and add new buttons for you to interact with them.

Participate in an amusing competition and catch as many balls as you can with BitBuddy. This won’t be too hard, but it is entertaining nonetheless. The balls you didn’t catch will stay on the floor, so don’t miss too many of them. If you fill the whole room with them, something bad can happen!

Then BitBuddy will make you fight with the creature, using the sword. Of course, you will not risk anything. Nobody wants to kill their best friend, don’t they? Develop the creature’s skills or improve the weapon to defeat your enemies in game. But watch your companion’s health, as the opponents will become stronger with each wave. Reach the maximum level and see what happens.

Choose different paths of BitBuddy

What makes BitBuddy remarkable, is a great variety of choices on each stage of the game. You can act however you wish and watch how your companion will react to your actions. Be kind with the monster and it will thank you how it can. But you can be rude to it as well. This will add new aspects to the story behind this simulator.

There is also another important feature of the gameplay. Promo codes in BitBuddy are special combinations that can dramatically change everything. They can add just a piece of clothes or a whole new ending. You can try to type various words in the line and check if it will fit. Or you can ask your buddy to give you advice. A good companion will never say no to such a simple request.

Reveal spooky mysteries

The more time you will spend with your game companion, the more information you will get about its life and dreams. You are going to find out why this creature is so lonely and craves your attention. At the same time, monologues in BitBuddy will make you consider your life and the place of friendship in it.

So, explore all the variants and try out numerous approaches. This way you will be able to unlock all the secrets that your buddy is hiding. Promo codes will be especially helpful here. Use the BitBuddy mods to gain access to them and you will be greatly surprised with the result. Your friend will react to the changes in unique ways and it won’t leave you indifferent.

But the most important thing in BitBuddy is that you can just do nothing and it will still have consequences. Choose not to interact with your companion and you will get new dialogue options and endings. In any case, sooner or later you will have to say goodbye to your buddy and when the time comes, make him pass away happily.